MODEL 9400-1
BGA Solder Sphere Placement System

BGA Solder Sphere Placement System

  • The Model 9400 operates using a self-contained vacuum system to secure the BGA component while transferring the desired pattern of solder sphere's in a full array.
  • Alignment is achieved through precision pins and specific tooling for ease of use, repeatability, and accuracy in sphere placement.
  • "Black Contrast" for easy visual inspection or arrays.
  • Repeatable process control to insure co-planarity and uniformity. MODEL 9000-1
  • Fits virtually all BGA layouts and sphere sizes.
  • Self-contained system, no additional air/vacuum required.
  • Ideal for Lower Volume Manufacturers, Rework, and Prototyping.

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  • Place component in alignment plate.
  • Turn vacuum on.
  • Remove residual solder and/or contaminates.
  • Print flux on the component using appropriate stencil.
  • Load wand with sphere's using vacuum pick-up.
  • Align Wand using tooling pins.
  • Depress foot pedal to release the full array of sphere's.
  • Lift block.
  • Remove component from carrier.
  • Reflow the part using proper profile.

MODEL 9000-1

Additional KIT setups

  • Single or multiple component capabilities.
  • Custom tooling available.
  • Complete set-up achieved in seconds!
  • Very minimal operator training necessary.
  • Send your drawing or a sample to HEPCO's Engineers
    Features of the system are included in several Patents Pending and Trademarks

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